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    • Oats set 0 small
      • The disposable donor and recipient cutting tube sets of the Osteochondral Autograft Transfer System (OATS) facilitate harvesting of various diameter osteochondral/hyaline cartilage cylinders from a donor site superior and lateral to the notch or above the sulcus terminalis. A recipient socket, sized to the proper depth, is created in the …
    • Bunionnette 0 small
      • A bunionette is also known as a Tailor’s Bunion.  It is a painful lateral bony prominence of the 5th metatarsal head resulting in a widened forefoot.  A bunionette can be caused by a large 5th metatarsal head (Type I), lateral bowing of the 5th metatarsal shaft (Type II), or an increase in the 4th and 5th intermetatarsal space …
    • Foot and ankle cartilage allograft 0 small
      • As part of the Allograft OATS® procedure, Arthrex offers cartilage allografts for the replacement of lesions with new cartilage.
    • First metatarsal osteotomy 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a multitude of fixation options for 1st metatarsal osteotomy corrections. For surgeons that prefer a minimally invasive approach, Arthrex offers a comprehensive product line for percutaneous osteotomies and fixation with Compression FT screws. For surgeons that prefer a traditional plating approach, Arthrex offers the versatile …
    • Hallux rigidus hallux limitus 0 small
      • Hallus Rigidus and Hallus Limitus, degenerative arthritis and stiffness due to bone spurs affecting the MTP joint at the base of the hallux can be treated using a variety of procedures including OATS, Moberg, Arthroplasty and MPJ Arthrodesis.    
    • Proximal metatarsal osteotomy using plates 0 small
      • Proximal metatarsal osteotomies work well to achieve reliable deformity correction in patients with a large 1st-2nd intermetatarsal angle. They may help minimize rotation, shortening, and elevation of the metatarsal. A number of osteotomy techniques have been described, including Ludloff, Mau, proximal crescentic, proximal chevron, scarf, …