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Prepare the donor meniscus with a bone plug attached to the anterior and posterior meniscal root using a coring reamer and placing a FiberWire® passing stitch through the plugs. Within the RetroConstruction™ Drill Guide Set, place the multiuse marking hook tip at the attachment of the posterior horn. Introduce a FlipCutter® drill into the knee joint to create a 10 mm socket matching the size of the bone plugs created on the donor meniscus.

Place a FiberStick™ suture through the socket and insert the meniscal bone plug. Repeat this process for the anterior horn. After implanting the donor meniscus, secure the bone plugs by tying over a suture button or using interference screw fixation. Use a combination of all-inside, inside/out, and outside/in meniscal repair devices for peripheral meniscal fixation.

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