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Hip Arthroscopy Instrument Set

The Hip Arthroscope Instrument Set was designed with a clear focus on accurate and safe hip joint access during hip arthroscopic procedures. This comprehensive set of instruments includes 30° and 70° arthroscopes with inflow/outflow sheaths, as well as an innovative cannula-bridging system designed with a quick connect locking cannula system that allows quick portal switching.  

The included metal cannulas, in sizes from ø4.5 mm - ø6.5 mm, in half millimeter increments, feature an anatomy-conforming and atraumatic rounded tip design and are color-coded to match their respective blunt tip cannulated obturator. The obturators facilitate quick and safe insertion over a flexible Guidewire. The atraumatic metal open cannula system includes tapered and blunt tips with a detachable handle, so that the cannulas can be left in place in the portal, without the handle getting in the way. The set also includes long cannulated 4 mm Switching Sticks and an ergonomic set of telescoping Portal Dilation Sleeves that facilitate creating or maintaining portals.

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