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Orthopaedic surgeons enthusiastically endorse FiberWire® for its feel and knot tying ability. The first throw stays down, facilitating reproducible tissue repair.  Sliding knots advance smoothly, easing arthroscopic knot tying procedures. Multiple independent scientific studies documented significant increases in strength-to-failure, stiffness, knot strength and knot slippage with much less elongation.  Extensive biocompatibility, animal and clinical testing results (results available upon request) prove that FiberWire demonstrates biocompatibility characteristics equivalent to a standard polyester suture.

Trusted by leading orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, FiberWire has contributed to successful surgical outcomes in over one million orthopaedic surgical procedures. It provides added confidence that the final repair will be strong, and postoperative rehabilitation can be carried out earlier to prevent fibrosis and stiffness. FiberWire is available with or without needles and can be utilized in soft tissue repairs in the elbow, forearm or ankle. It is also indicated for use with the Meniscal Viper in meniscal repair.

There are a variety of innovative solutions to arthroscopic suture passing in the FiberWire family including TigerWire®, FiberStick® and TigerStick®, FiberTape® and TigerTape®, FiberLoop®, FiberSnare®, FiberChain®, and FiberLink™. Part of the FiberWire Suture Family includes 2-0 FiberWire Meniscus Repair Needles and the FiberWire Suture Kit. FiberWire accessories include Suture Cutters, the FiberWire Scissor, FingerShield™ and FiberWire Tensioner.

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