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Synergy Extended Length Hip Arthroscope Sets

Synergy Extended Length Hip Arthroscope Sets

Hip arthrscope set

The Synergy Extended Length Hip Arthroscope Sets are designed for accurate and safe hip joint access during arthroscopic hip procedures. These modified sets feature an updated quick connect hip bridge and 20 mm longer non-fenestrated atraumatic bridge cannulas to accommodate larger patients and eliminate “maxing out” in soft tissues.

The sets also contain either C-mount or Eye Piece scopes, presenting surgeons with the option to purchase either scope style depending on their preference. Other modifications to the set include the increase of the working length of the 30° and 70° scopes to 202 mm and 204 mm, respectively, avoiding the need to have an extra length scope set brought in for special cases. Also, the change in the scope outer diameter to 3.5 mm allows the scope sheath outer diameter to be 5.3 mm vs the standard 6.0 mm, which aids in an easier insertion into difficult hip joints.

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