Agency Representatives Come to Headquarters for Technology Specialist Initial Onsite Training


Drew Bishop, a DEX representative with Gentleman Orthopedic Solutions, was excited to come to Arthrex global headquarters for Technology Specialist training. But it wasn’t just meeting other representatives, the sessions with staff or working in the lab with products that interested him.

“I have Arthrex products in both my shoulders. Now I know how the anchors work and have seen how they were made,” he said. “It’s cool to see what goes into the creation of the products.”

Arthrex hosted more than 80 sports medicine and DEX agency representatives for the Technology Specialist Initial Onsite Training last week.

Technology Consultant Education Specialist Kristen Eichstaedt said the representatives have been with their agencies about one year when they come to global headquarters for the five-day training, which includes labs, information sessions and testing.

“Once they complete the week, they become technology specialists,” she said.

Ethan Taylor, an agency representative with Desert Mountain Medical, said he enjoyed seeing the demonstrations as part of the course.

“To listen and hear what is going through a surgeon’s mind when they are doing it, that’s important,” he said. “It’s been good to double-down on the basics. People have brought things up that I didn’t know. I’m definitely learning a lot.”

National Sales Trainer Scott Scherick said the experience is not unlike water shooting out of a firehose for the representatives because they have had to ingest so much information about Arthrex and its products to get there.

“We have more than 13,000 different products,” he said. “But this experience is truly special. Our headquarters showcases our commitment to Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™. It is important for every representative to see firsthand the campus, our culture, and feel the energy that comes with all of it.”

Kristen said it’s important for the representatives to come to Arthrex and see the culture and what happens at global headquarters.

“It allows them to go to the surgeons and have those conversations that not only do they know our products, but they have seen how they are developed and created. They see how we’re different,” she said.

Drew said the experience of the Technology Specialist training makes him feel more confident.

“I am going back a completely different rep,” he said. “I am excited to go back, I feel like I have a better understanding of these products and I know I will go back more confident in myself when speaking about these products.”


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