Game On: Team Physicians Huddle Up For Educational Event at Arthrex


If you watched this year's Super Bowl and are a sports fan, you would be interested to know that close to 150 team physicians attended an educational event at Arthrex, held February 3-4. It was the first time Arthrex hosted the "Team Physician Controversies" (TPC) course. Physicians affiliated with more than 200 teams attended, including professional, collegiate and high school teams, representing nearly every sport. Team physicians provide personalized orthopaedic care for their team’s athletes and often travel with the team to provide timely care during games.

Course chairmen, Dr. Jim Bradley (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Dr. Pat Smith (University of Missouri Tigers), crafted the course curriculum for the two-day event, which included 21 case presentations, followed by panel discussions where surgeons debated and discussed the specific cases. Topics included everything from “The History of ACL Surgery” to “Sideline Management in the NFL” to “Shoulder Instability in the MLB Player.”
Attendees also had the privilege to hear presentations from esteemed “Godfather” faculty, Dr. Jimmy Andrews, Dr. John Feagin and Dr. Russ Warren. These “Godfathers” are surgeon pioneers who helped shape the treatment of sports medicine injuries through the years and have cared for many high profile professional athletes around the world.

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