Annual ASSH Exhibit: Mini TightRope CMC Forum

ArthrexCMCMiniTightRopePlease Join us for our workshop at the Annual ASSH exhibit in San Francisco:

Industry Forum 27
Friday, October 4
7:00 - 8:00 a.m. 
Moscone West 2004
Mini TightRope CMC: A Unique Alternative for Thumb CMC Suspensionplasty
Presented by Arthrex Inc.
Faculty: John Safanda, MD  

More about the Mini TightRope CMC can be found here.

The Mini TightRope CMC provides a unique means to suspend the thumb metacarpal after trapezial resection or removal for treatment of CMC arthritis, thumb CMC instability and in case of revision with proximal migration after failed tendon reconstruction. 

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