Pointers & Pearls: Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) Using Knotless SutureTak® Anchors

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Chris Adams, MD, provides pointers and pearls for SCR repair with knotless SutureTak anchors for medial graft fixation, featuring tips on glenoid anchor insertion, ArthroFLEX®* dermal allograft suture passage, graft delivery and final construct:


Glenoid Anchor Insertion:

  • Spinal needles can be used to identify the angles of anchor insertion to span the superior aspect of the glenoid to avoid convergence of the anchors and glenoid face perforation.
  • Three knotless SutureTak anchors are inserted percutaneously and their suture limbs remain outside the corresponding portals.







ArthroFlex Dermal Allograft Suture Passage:

  • A 12-mm PassPort Button™ cannula is used to help with suture management and also smoothly deliver the graft into position.
  • The FiberTape™ sutures are retrieved first and passed through their prepared locations on the graft.
  • Each knotless SutureTak suture and shuttle loop is retrieved out the cannula. The suture is passed in a mattress configuration through the graft then loaded into the shuttle loop and pulled through the anchor and back out of the corresponding portal.




Graft Delivery and Final Construct:

  • A controlled delivery, tensioning each knotless SutureTak suture strand, removing slack until the graft is secure to the glenoid.
  • An anterior lateral side-to-side stitch is passed between the rotator cuff cable and graft without over constraining the shoulder.








To view the cadaveric video highlights, visit www.arthrex.com/SCR-KLST

SCR video














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