Meniscal Repair Using Knee Scorpion™ Suture Passer

by John W. Xerogeanes, MD 

Dr.XWe all know that meniscal repair is a very important procedure to perform effectively, and we’re all also keenly aware of this procedure’s challenges. While we have many options in our arsenal, the options for tears of the posterior third of the menisci remain less than optimal. This is especially true for tears of the meniscal root as well as fenestrated tears of the posterior third of the menisci.  The Knee Scorpion provides an answer for these tears. It is easy to use, extremely reliable, reusable and cost effective.

kneescorpionThe Knee Scorpion™ passes and retrieves sutures just like the Scorpions for the rotator cuff and labrum, therefore those that have used Scorpions before will already be familiar with using the device. It works with standard 2-0 FiberWire® suture as well as 0 FiberWire™. The device’s curvature and low profile allows the surgeon to easily get under the condyles and access the posterior third of the meniscus.  Because of its small diameter, I often make auxiliary poke holes to obtain the perfect angle to the meniscus when needed. 

I use it to place sutures through avulsed meniscal roots as well as to place circumferential sutures around complex longitudinal tears of the posterior third of the lateral meniscus.  It also works well to reinforce all-inside Meniscal Cinch™ repairs when needed.

It is an ideal device to keep in my meniscal repair tray, and because of its versatility, I can use it with or without other meniscal tear devices. 

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