Pat Smith, MD, and Tom DeBerardino, MD, Discuss Biomechanical Study of GraftLink® and ACL TightRope® ABS For Tibial ACL Fixation

GraftLinkTraditionally, tibial fixation has been described as the “weak link” for soft tissue graft fixation. Fixation on the tibial side is felt to be inherently weaker due to poorer bone quality compared with the distal femur and graft forces being more in line with the tibial tunnel. All-Inside ACL reconstruction uses sockets, rather than tunnels, in the tibia which makes possible the use of a cortical suspensory device like the ACL TightRope ABS.

Our study, "Tibial Fixation Properties of a Continuous-Loop ACL Hamstring Graft Construct with Suspensory Fixation in Porcine Bone" in the Journal of Knee Surgery, compared traditional interference screw fixation to cortical fixation using the ACL TightRope ABS and the GraftLink construct. The results showed a statistically significant higher yield and ultimate load for the TightRope ABS/GraftLink group over that of interference screws. Cyclic displacement was statistically similar and well under the 3 mm threshold. 



  1. Smith PA, DeBerardino TM. Tibial Fixation Properties of a Continuous Loop ACL Hamstring Graft Construct with Suspensory Fixation in Porcine Bone [published online ahead of print October 27, 2014].J Knee Surg. doi: 10.1055/s-0034-1394167.


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