Arthrex Launches Virtual Surgery App – An Interactive Surgical Technique Learning System

Virtual Surgery AppThe Arthrex Virtual Surgery app is a novel interactive surgical technique learning system that allows surgeons, OR staff and students to reinforce their knowledge, practice their decision-making skills and document their level of expertise of modern surgical procedures utilizing an iPad. Virtual surgery tests the user’s ability to accurately identify the correct surgical instruments or implants used in sequence during an orthopaedic surgical procedure simulated in a 3D animated format.

Intuitive touch screen navigation and interactive features makes the Virtual Surgery app easy to use. Once downloaded from the Apple app store and logged onto the app, users may select one of many surgical techniques from the extensive, up-to-date library of advanced orthopaedic surgical procedures on their iPad.

Downloading exams is fast and provides easy access to 3D animations and exam questions, also available for offline use. After watching a brief 3D animation of the surgical procedure, users can take the corresponding exam on the correct instrumented steps of a specific surgical procedure. During the exam, a random set of instruments and implants appears at the bottom of each animated surgical step to challenge the user to make the correct choice. Visual cues provide immediate feedback about the user’s choices and the amount of time required to complete the exam is also recorded. At the end of the exam, users are presented with an interactive summary screen of their results. Users may retake exams until proficiency is achieved.  

Virtual Surgery AppA digital certificate of completion is awarded to the user after correctly answering all exam questions on a specific surgical technique. The certificate in PDF format can be emailed from the app to document the user’s technology-based competency of the surgical procedure.

Surgeons may challenge their OR staff, fellows, residents and students to achieve a high level of understanding of modern orthopaedic surgical techniques as they evolve, with new virtual surgery techniques emerging and added to the app library on a frequent basis, as new technology improves surgical techniques in the future.  

Gain immediate access to some of the most popular orthopaedic surgical procedures and streamline the way you educate yourself, as well as your entire staff, by downloading the new Arthrex Virtual Surgery app.  

To learn more, view the Arthrex Virtual Surgery app tutorial.

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