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Commitment to Healthcare Innovation Made in America

Commitment to Healthcare Innovation Made in America

Author: Reinhold Schmieding, President & Founder, Arthrex Inc.

What Makes Arthrex Unique?

Rapid product innovation, leading surgical skills education, surgeon support mission

How about products engineered and Made in America!

As a privately held corporation headquartered in Naples, FL, Arthrex is proud to employ over 1,700 direct U.S. employees that help make 95 percent of all our products right here in America. Our patriotic mission to make products in America and create high-tech, high-wage, non-seasonal jobs for Americans has driven the creation of over 1,000 new manufacturing-related jobs in Southwest Florida in less than 10 years with over one million-square-feet of facility space to accommodate our rapid growth as a leading high-tech medical device innovator and manufacturer.

ArthrexMadeinAmericaThis year we are proud to introduce the latest addition to the Arthrex family of facilities in Southwest Florida: Arthrex Manufacturing East (AMIE) near Ave Maria, FL. In 12 short months, a vast expanse of land has transformed into a magnificent 190,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that incorporates the latest in design and manufacturing technology for surgical devices and implants of the future. The development of AMIE provides Arthrex with a tremendous opportunity to bring additional manufacturing-related jobs in-house, supporting new job creation and the expanding development of quality products – designed and made in America – that help people maintain their health and well-being around the world.

On this Fourth of July, let us celebrate and support those companies that still make products in America, create high-tech jobs for Americans, generate new tax revenue for our country and community and help reduce our foreign trade deficit with U.S. made products exported around the world, leading the way in keeping our country economically prosperous and globally competitive in the future.

About Arthrex’s President and Founder:  As a proud American born in Michigan and a graduate of Michigan State University, Reinhold embodies the American dream and is dedicated to continuing to foster Arthrex as an autonomous American driven company engineering innovative products in America to help surgeons treat their patients better. ArthrexMadeinAmerica

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