Arthrex Launches New Corporate Website for Busy Surgeons on the Fly

Author: Reinhold Schmieding, President & Founder, Arthrex, Inc.

This fall, Arthrex proudly launches the NEW in celebration of our three decade contribution to arthroscopic surgery and less invasive orthopaedic innovation based on a single mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better.

The new will provide an experience like no other within orthopaedics; an evolution of website technology allowing you to search a vast and far reaching amount of orthopaedic knowledge easily and at lightning speed. We designed this site with a global focus that includes multiple language adaptability to meet the needs of the global surgeons and healthcare professionals who work all hours of the day and night in various locations around the world. Whether by mobile phone, tablet or desktop, provides a unique experience in website access and navigation.

As part of the official campaign launch for the new, please welcome a new addition to the Arthrex website- “OrthoSpeedia,” the Arthrex Dragonfly. Orthospeedia’s artistic design constructed of the latest OrthoSpeediainnovative Arthrex products, embodies our continued commitment to orthopaedic product innovation: past, present and future. The Dragonfly’s speed and sophistication, combined with its unique architecture and maneuverability perfectly represents the essence of the NEW Throughout our website launch campaign, he’ll navigate you through the various features and functionality of our new website, metamorphosing with the latest Arthrex products.
At first glance you’ll notice a clean, user-friendly interface. Navigate through Arthrex’s product and procedure catalog like never before with speed, agility and coordinated sophistication. You’ll gain immediate access – no login required!  The quick sort feature helps you find educational resources, products and related science for specific techniques quickly. Filter by resource type and you’ll gain access to our extensive digital knowledge library containing hundreds of surgical technique animations, illustrated brochures, surgeon newsletters, surgical technique videos and research white papers updated daily.
To provide you the best possible search experience, Arthrex partnered with the world’s leading search engine – Google. Bypass the navigational menu items by simply typing what you’re looking for in our search box at the top and everything related to your keyword appears instantaneously and in a format with which you are familiar.
Did you speak with a colleague who mentioned an upcoming educational meeting in Naples? The Events Calendar provides information that is up-to-date so you can plan your next hands on surgical skills education experience with our medical education staff, product managers and leading surgeon instructors.
Requesting product quotes and surgical evaluations is easy.  Review new product information and request a price quote or product evaluation from a representative directly through the site. Getting in touch with us has truly never been easier or more seamless.
Finally, stay up to date on all things product-related by visiting our new online Newsroom and signing up to receive information as it happens via email or through one of our RSS feeds. Our new blog will provide us a chance to communicate with you on issues that we all care about; to help you stay informed on the latest orthopaedic science and  industry topics and trends, and to share them with your colleagues.  Guest authors will include leading surgeons and professionals who will weigh in on the latest innovations in orthopaedic medicine.  Be sure to bookmark this page and/or sign up for updates to keep informed on the latest orthopaedic industry information.
Beginning this fall, we’ll connect with each other in ways that were never before possible through state-of-the art education, innovative communications and up-to-date information. We look forward to your feedback about the new site and to advancing our mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better now and into the future.

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