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BreakThrough with Chris Adams, MD - SCR

BreakThrough with Chris Adams, MD - SCR


Hundreds of surgeons from around the world took part in the inaugural BreakThrough with Chris Adams, MD webcast on August 18, a novel web program that brought leading surgeons together to present and discuss how the most medically significant technology innovations are changing the way they treat their patients in orthopaedic surgery.

BreakThroughThe first broadcast of BreakThrough included host and Arthrex Medical Education Director Chris Adams, MD, as well as guests Stephen Burkhart, MD, and Alan Hirahara, MD, who shared their experiences and discussed the benefits of the Superior Capsular Reconstruction (SCR) technique for patients with massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears of the shoulder. SCR represents a new arthroscopic reconstruction technique option that has quickly become an exciting new alternative to more invasive procedures like reverse total shoulder arthroplasty.

“With our new webcast series BreakThrough, we've created an interactive learning experience for viewers showcasing an expert panel discussing cutting-edge topics and answering the audience’s questions in real time,” said Chris Adams, MD. “It's very exciting to be able to introduce and educate the medical community on new surgical techniques and developments from Arthrex. With a successful turn out for the premiere broadcast, we look forward to building momentum and sharing additional emerging technologies in future episodes. Stay tuned!” 

With hundreds of new Arthrex product innovations released each year, BreakThrough provides a unique platform for laser focused, in-depth discussions on cutting-edge technologies and techniques that will be significant in the treatment breakthroughs for surgeons and their patients around the globe.

You can view an on-demand version of this broadcast on our website or a complete playlist, including this broadcast, at our BreakThrough YouTube channel.


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