5 Questions with Arthrex Colombia's Eduardo Lazarín

Arthrex, Inc.

As a Regional Operations Manager at Arthrex Colombia, Eduardo Lazarín is responsible for leading the operations for our LATAM subsidiaries and providing logistical support for regional distributors. He plays an active role in managing each process within the Operations department including distribution, customer service, demand planning, international trade, the purchasing of indirect materials and the warehouse to ensure the subsidiary's success.

Read on to learn more about Eduardo and his role at Arthrex Colombia.

How do you impact our mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better® in your role?

As a Regional Operations Manager for all the LATAM subsidiaries, my role is to ensure that Arthrex products, instruments and equipment arrive on time to hospitals and clinics so our surgeons can treat their patients. The entire LATAM Operations team knows this work is critical to the success of those surgeries. We maintain the mindset that one of the patients could be a family member and we would want the surgeon operating on them to have all the solutions available to treat them.

What inspires you the most at Arthrex?

What inspires me the most at Arthrex are the people - my teammates and the people I get to collaborate with through my role. Seeing how we all work towards a common goal while sharing a common vision makes our day-to-day work better. It inspires me to work at a place where I have the opportunity to collaborate with people who strive to be better every day.

What is your favorite success story at Arthrex?

In my 11 years with Arthrex, I’ve experienced many success stories throughout our LATAM subsidiaries. When I started at Arthrex, I was working with the Arthrex Mexico team in a similar role. One of the most satisfying examples is witnessing the professional and personal growth of our Arthrex Mexico employees. Many of the employees who worked there when I started are not only still there but have grown professionally and have achieved personal fulfillment. They were able to continue their studies while at Arthrex and obtained positions of greater responsibility. Beyond that, they improved their interpersonal and leadership skills, and now they help their coworkers improve.

How do you describe the Arthrex culture?

Arthrex culture focuses on its people above all else. We care about our colleagues and their well-being. We focus on collaboration and living the Arthrex values.

Our core value is Making People Better. How has Arthrex made you better?

Arthrex has made me better by providing me with professional development opportunities. This formal training has helped me strengthen my leadership skills and better support my team. Through these courses I have matured professionally for the benefit of my collaborators and colleagues.  

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