5 Questions With Orthobiologics Product Development Engineer II Chelsea Reeves

Arthrex, Inc.

As an Orthobiologics Product Development Engineer II, Chelsea Reeves helps Arthrex develop the latest innovations and technologies that help surgeons treat their patients better.

In her free time, she has become an avid pickleball player and was fortunate, and skilled enough, to compete in the US Pickleball Open in Naples, Florida earlier this year.

Read on to learn more about Chelsea and her role as a product development engineer for Arthrex.


How do you impact our mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better in your role? 

My role as an Orthobiologics Product Development Engineer is to help the company continue to be at the forefront of regenerative medicine by innovating new and improved solutions for the challenges within the orthopedic industry. I impact Arthrex’s mission statement by driving the design of quality products that optimize procedures and enhance the patients’ quality of life. Precision is key and positive outcomes are impacted by pushing the limits of innovation.

What inspires you the most at Arthrex?

Being surrounded by individuals who possess a growth mindset inspires me the most about Arthrex. I am able to immerse myself in an environment that focuses heavily on personal and career improvement. Whether it is competing on sports teams for the company, attending personal development trainings or being a part of a positive-natured team that enhances my skillset, I am always supported and encouraged to persevere toward high-level goals.

What is your favorite success story at Arthrex?

The Arthrex Mentoring Connections program is its own success story to me. My mentor, Senior Director of Resection and Fluid Management Michael Cottle, whom I met through this program, has given me the opportunity to see what great leadership looks like and how strengthening soft skills can help identify and correct gaps when working in collaborative settings. My meetings with him continue to benefit me, which has motivated me to want to lead individuals who were once in my position.

This has made me all the more appreciative of my manager, Senior Manager of Orthobiologics Engineering and Research Topher Bare, for allowing me the responsibility to guide our co-ops and interns. Through this experience, it is rewarding to know that I am empowering the next generation of engineers.

How do you describe the Arthrex culture? 

Arthrex provides a connected company culture. Our enthusiastic initiative to uphold the company’s values and vision has created a sense of unity among the teams. This unity was developed from trust and drives us towards all-encompassing goals. Forming this healthy culture has ensured that every individual feels respected and valued while also having a sense of belonging.

Our core value is Making People Better. How has Arthrex made you better?

Arthrex has provided me with the ability to become the uncomfortable lobster. The uncomfortable lobster is an analogy for learning how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. The story behind this is, lobsters are soft mushy animals that live inside of these rigid shells that do not expand, but when they want to grow, they go under a rock to hide from predatory fish until their shell grows back and this process repeats. The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow is that it feels uncomfortable. In times of stress and change, we have to understand that uncomfortable feeling is a signal for growth.

I was fortunate enough to join Arthrex right after graduating from university in December 2019. As a young professional within the industry, the company has provided me with ample chances to continue to grow and flourish into the engineer I strive to be. I see limitless potential here with the opportunity for world-changing breakthroughs and look forward to evolving like the lobster.

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