5 Questions with Engineering’s Ricardo Albertorio

In his 14+ years at Arthrex, Vice President of Engineering Ricardo Albertorio has had the opportunity to see and be part of Arthrex’s tremendous growth. He shares highlights from his career, the four tenets he lives by and the interesting hobbies he enjoys outside of work in this latest 5 Questions interview.


What does a typical day at Arthrex look like for you?

As vice president of Engineering, my primary responsibility is to provide leadership to an outstanding team of more than 100 engineers, designers and technicians responsible for all new product development activities within Arthrex’s product lines. I ensure engineering efforts are aligned with the vision and mission of the company, providing strategic direction and decision-making, and facilitating the acquisition of tools, technology and resources to meet and exceed Arthrex’s product development goals.

What do you enjoy most about your job?


I’m continually amazed by the dynamic environment at Arthrex. It is a “no holds barred” approach to product development where everyone is excited to tackle the most challenging of engineering problems with the goal of providing the most effective solutions to our surgeon customers and their patients, regardless of effort. This culture emanates from our very active and engaged President and Founder Reinhold Schmieding.

What has been a highlight during your time at Arthrex?

The excitement of participating in Arthrex’s tremendous growth. While most of our competitors hover in the single digits, Arthrex creates double-digit growth year after year. The drive to exceed expectations permeates everything we do!

What is the best advice you’ve received throughout your career?

It is difficult to pick just one piece of advice as the most valuable. I usually work off four tenets that help me tackle the most difficult situations:
1. Steer clear of assumptions…they will usually mislead you.
2. Keep an open mind…it’s the only way to make discoveries.
3. You’ll not be judged on your mistakes, but on your actions afterwards.
4. Take the time to do what is right.

What do you do in your downtime?

My father, an aviation mechanic by trade, instilled in me a passion for continuous learning and a curiosity for understanding how things work. I love all things mechanical and vintage but also enjoy learning about new technologies and staying on top of the latest gadgets. This has led me to enjoy many hobbies, from owning and maintaining my 1955 Chevy 3100 Second Series truck, to designing a motorcycle from scratch, to teaching myself to play bass, guitar and drums. Of course, my greatest joy is spending time with my children and seeing them pick up interests and hobbies of their own.

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