Debra’s Trip of a Lifetime Doubles as Her Honeymoon

Arthrex, Inc.We’re proud to offer our employees a company-funded Trip of a Lifetime to the destination of their choice for every five years of employment. Customer Service Data Administrator Lead Debra Rivas-Atherton recently returned from her five-year trip and shared some unforgettable highlights:

“For my Trip of a Lifetime, my husband Michael (Atherton, IT User Support Technician II) and I decided to go on our honeymoon to Japan. Japan is somewhere we have always wanted to visit and we thought this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen! While on our 12-day trip, we stayed in Kyoto, Kurashiki and Tokyo.

"We were able to experience some pretty amazing things. For example, we had the opportunity to stay in a traditional ryokan (a type of traditional Japanese inn that typically features tatami-matted rooms and public areas) complete with rice paper walls, a stone bath and meals available 24-hours a day. We rode the bullet train, had dinner in Tokyo Tower and stayed in a capsule hotel (a Japanese hotel where each room is the size of a single bed, also called a pod hotel).

"As huge Disney fans, of course we had to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea! Another amazing and unique activity we got to do was visit teamLab Borderless, an interactive digital art museum where I saw artwork unlike anything I have ever seen before. Their use of lights and digital projectors was absolutely amazing! Visiting one room in particular was like stepping into a floor-to-ceiling room of dancing diamonds. Arthrex, Inc. Arthrex, Inc.

"Japan is so rich in culture, traditions, uniqueness, elaborate foods and fun activities! Where else would I be able to get a latte with a portrait of our Frenchie, Harvey, and another of my niece, Sophia? We consider ourselves very lucky to have had this amazing opportunity and are beyond appreciative of Arthrex for helping us make our Atherton Honeymoon unforgettable. Thank you, Arthrex!”

Arthrex, Inc.

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