5 Questions With Marketing’s Andy Petry

We’re excited to highlight Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing Andy Petry in this edition of our 5 Questions series. In this interview, Andy gives us an inside look into his workday, shares highlights from his career and explains how his role aligns the product management and marketing sides of Arthrex business.


What does a typical day look like for you?

Like many at Arthrex, my day entails a lot of meetings. However, I do very much enjoy the opportunity to interact with colleagues across the various teams and departments. I also regularly spend time supporting product promotional strategies, reviewing marketing assets and offering business insight on creative campaigns. Whether it’s meeting with teams like Product Management, Sales Optimization, Medical Education or Corporate Communications, much of my time is spent on collaborating to ensure we are aligned across the various promotional channels.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

In my new role, I get to focus on my passion, which is to work with others to tackle problems and uncover ways to grow our business. I love that every day seems to bring a new challenge. Arthrex is the fastest paced organization I have ever worked for. It keeps me on my toes, and it makes every day fun. I get the opportunity to work across our entire product portfolio, interact with the various business leaders, and get face-time with our customers. You know you are in the right career when you cannot wait to come in to work each day and be a part of a winning organization.


What has been a highlight during your time at Arthrex?


The relationships I have built at Arthrex stand out as a highlight. I have made more friendships at Arthrex in less than four years here than I’ve made in my whole career. It is a family-minded organization, and you build a lot of trust with your coworkers that goes beyond business. I have strong friendships with the members of the Shoulder team continuing from when I was a product manager, and I have already started to build great relationships with the different Marketing Communications team members as well. Another aspect is the deep customer relationships I have cultivated. It is so cool to know some of the thought-leading surgeons in orthopedics.

The second highlight for me is the innovation – Arthrex has created a unique culture where new ideas can be explored, and it is really exciting to be a part of it. When I was a product manager, I had the opportunity to invent and develop new products that solve problems that surgeons were facing. One example is the FiberTape® Cerclage system. I was part of the team that came up with the product design, and it has been rewarding to watch its recent launch. The FiberTape Cerclage system will replace metal wire for fracture fixation, which is an important advancement.


What is the best advice you’ve received throughout your career?


I was given simple advice that has proven true for me. Do not stay comfortable. Instead, I learned that you need to stretch yourself if you are going to grow in your career. Early on in my career, this meant stepping out of my comfort zone to move from Product Management into sales in order to better understand what it takes to sell products to surgeons, to manage numbers and grow a territory. This was the best advice I received, and it is something I continue to share with others when they need a bit of insight on their next move. This continues to ring true for me today and guided me in my most recent move into Marketing.


What do you do in your downtime?

My wife Bethany and I like to eat, and we like to debate. After eight years of marriage, we have almost mastered the art of making sure our debates do not turn into all-out arguments. As we try out new restaurants in Naples, we have a lot of fun discussing different topics from our work, research she’s doing at Florida Gulf Coast University as a professor, our two cats, future vacations and LeBron James. Born and raised in Cleveland, I am a huge LeBron fan! We have developed a good group of friends through church that we connect with often.


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