Medical Education Employees Inspire Future Orthopedic Surgeons


Medical Education Clinical Specialists Ryan Shamus and Bethlyn Katz recently had the unique opportunity to present to a younger than normal audience – third-to-fifth grade students at the IMAG History and Science Center’s summer camp in Ft. Myers, FL.

MedEd2The camp focused on a “Heart and Parts” theme for the week and asked Arthrex to put together an activity centered around this theme.

“We started with an interactive question and answer session with the group,” said Ryan. “We taught the kids about orthopedics and sports medicine as well as anatomy, X-rays and ultrasound technology. We then had them split up into two groups and had a race to see which group could get gowned up like a surgeon in boots, gloves, gowns, hats and masks the fastest.”

Ryan and Bethlyn also provided the campers with hands-on experiences using bone models, total joint models, Synergy MSK™ handheld ultrasound and their favorite part, arthroscopy, where they removed colorful puff balls from a soft knee and shoulder using a real arthroscope and instruments. 

“We were very impressed with their skill level in arthroscopy, but more with their excitement about medicine and learning,” he said. Bethlyn and I had a great time at the event and hope that we inspired a few orthopedic surgeons in the bunch!”

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