Arthrex Recognizes 365 Employees Celebrating Milestone Years of Service

Arthrex’s annual Years of Service Awards ceremonies were held at Inc. and AMIE recently to recognize an impressive total of 365 Inc., AMI and ALC employees celebrating five, 10, 15, 20 and 25-year anniversaries this year – the largest group ever!


The two 25-year employees celebrating this year, Sr. Director of Customer Service Patti Gilmore and Director of Logistics Rich Hughes, take us back through their favorite memories and important moments in this question and answer session:


What was your first day like at Arthrex 25 years ago?

Patti: Extremely busy! Twenty five years ago there were only a handful of employees, so everyone who worked there wore a lot of hats. Our processes were not automated as they are today, so I would key the order in and then run to another office to pull the packing slip off the printer and bring it over to the two employees (Rich Hughes and Tony Gawaldo) who then picked the order and shipped it to the customer.

Rich: Those early days were so exciting, there were so few of us (6 or 7) and we did it all. All the things we have so many doing today.


What’s your all-time favorite memory over the years?

Patti: The day we received FDA approval on our sheathed interference screws. The excitement in Reinhold’s face when this information was faxed (yes, it was faxed) to us was something that I will never forget. 

Rich: Those early memories when we would have monthly gatherings. All 25 years have great memories. I can’t choose just one!


What has it been like being part of the tremendous growth Arthrex has seen in the last 25 years?   

Patti: Pretty exciting to say the least. I never expected that we’d grow as fast as we have to as many locations and employees as we do today.   

25YearsofService Rich: Being part of the Arthrex history from almost the beginning has been extremely satisfying. You feel like what you accomplished in the early days has been carried on. Who could have imagined 25 years ago in that small suite on Horseshoe Drive with that one cabinet of product that we would be what we are today!


How has Reinhold’s leadership influenced your career?

Patti: His leadership has motivated me to be ready and willing to take on any challenge that comes my way and to always lead by example.

Rich: There was just something about Reinhold from the first time we met. When I got home, I said to my wife, I don’t know what is in store for me but this Arthrex is something I want to be a part of and have not regretted one day since. 


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