“Meaningful Work” Helps Make Arthrex a Best Workplace for Millennials

BestWorkplacesWe’re excited to announce Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE have recognized Arthrex as one of the 100 Best Workplaces For Millennials in the country for the third year in a row. Arthrex now employs 1,023 millennial-aged employees born in 1981 or later, with nearly 350 hired in just the last year alone!  NicholasChristianoQuote

Biological Safety Specialist Nicholas Christiano said, “Here we have the opportunity to actually make people’s lives better. The projects that we work on at Arthrex have the potential to get your favorite athlete back in the game, or maybe even help fix an injury of someone you care about who could be suffering. It’s truly meaningful work.” 

“Millennial employees thrive at Arthrex thanks, in part, to a highly collaborative approach to doing business and a culture that values input from everyone on the team,” said Senior Vice President of Human Resources Kathy Sparrow.

The 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials is part of a series of rankings by Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE based entirely on employee surveys from published Great Place to Work® reviews. The ranking considered 398,000 surveys that assessed organizations’ fairness, teamwork, benefits and other elements essential to an outstanding work culture.

While many companies report high turnover among younger workers, an average of 85 percent of millennial employees at the Best Workplaces say they want to work at their organizations for a long time. Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, said they learned from the survey, “Millennials expect more from their employers in areas like fair treatment, clear communication, authentic leadership and opportunities for advancement – and rightly so. The Best Workplaces for Millennials are finding that fulfilling all these expectations by building a high-trust culture boosts millennial employees’ intent to stay by 20 times.”

“Contributing to meaningful work is really important to me,” shared Packaging Validation Technician Abel Perez de Alderete. “Being able to earn an income while being a part of such an important industry, helping so many people is great. I’ve worked at Arthrex for six years in various roles and look forward to continuing my career here.”

Arthrex is proud to support our future workforce with positive experiences to learn and grow such as offering internships and co-ops to give students the opportunity to gain valuable practical experience and enhance their professional development. Many millennials also noted Arthrex’s generous tuition reimbursement as a benefit most appealing to them.

National Accounts Administrator Samuel Leconte, who’s celebrating nine years at Arthrex this month, shared, “I was able to take advantage of tuition reimbursement and started college while working at Arthrex and thanks to talking to several managers, made the decision to switch majors to accounting. Senior VP of Finance Jon Cheek encouraged me to follow this path. I’m grateful for that every day!”

Recruiting Coordinator Rachel Irwin was hired on as a full-time employee 2 ½ years ago, following a year-long internship with the Recruiting team in Human Resources. She says, “I appreciate Arthrex’s culture and the opportunities I’ve been given to excel in my position, learn new skills and work with different teams around the organization. I am proud of what Arthrex stands for as an employer and I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to intern and eventually become a permanent part of our wonderful recruitment team.”

As one of the 350 millennial employees hired in the last year, Organizational Change Management and Training Specialist Tatiana Medina also feels privileged to work for Arthrex. “Since joining the Arthrex family six months ago, I have had the opportunity to enjoy all the awesome benefits that Arthrex provides. The fact that Arthrex offers such great incentives is testament that it values its employees.”

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