"Arthrex Trex Across America" Takes Employee Wellness to the Next Level

On March 13, Arthrex employees kicked off the Arthrex Trex Across America six-week walking challenge with an individual goal of 50,000 steps each week. Employees were encouraged to walk daily with Natalie tips along the way and a grand prize for the team of employees with the most steps at the end of the six-week period.

Natalie Sterrett, a Senior Operator, has truly dedicated herself to the walking challenge and the benefits have been dramatic. Natalie decided to participate in the challenge shortly after she was told that her blood pressure was high and she may need to go on medication to lower it. Seeking to improve her health naturally, Natalie became part of the Walkie Talkies, the team of employees now in third place in the walking challenge.

“I am so happy about this challenge! It got me moving and it’s exciting to see where your team stands in the competition!” Natalie explained, “You don’t want the other teams to catch up and you don’t want to disappoint your team.”

With one week left in the challenge, Natalie has already lost more than nine pounds and lowered her blood pressure. She shared that walking before work, during breaks or after work every day has helped her in other ways as well, such as affecting her food choices, relieving stress, increasing Vitamin D intake from spending more time in the sun, and providing the perfect time to call and catch up with friends and family that live around the country.

Employees are being encouraged to keep walking as much as possible during the last week of the challenge. Natalie says, “You just feel better all around!”

The challenge's winning team will be announced next week. 


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