#DiscoverArthrex: Pumped Up About Life in SWFL

EP1Working out is a way of life for Elissa Power and her family, especially now that they live in sunny Southwest Florida. During the week, Elissa leads the Program Management Office in Global Information Services at Arthrex. On the weekends, she works out in her home gym with her husband and two children Chloe, 7, and Lane, 6.

Elissa says, “I’m grateful to be a part of Arthrex, where I can make a difference, do exciting things and live in the most beautiful place in the country.”

She decided she needed a change after 11 years of long commutes, a lot of travel and a hectic lifestyle in Washington, D.C. It was after a hospital stay following Chloe’s birth that she took a hard look at their life and the prospect of raising children in D.C. Together, she and her husband decided it was time to move to Southwest Florida where she continued to work for her previous employer until an exciting opportunity came along at Arthrex.

“Arthrex is doing so many amazing things other organizations don’t have the funding or talent to do,” she says.

But moving had its challenges. Elissa’s husband, Chris, had to find a new job. So, he decided to go back to school to realize his dream of becoming an EMT and firefighter. Now, Chris happily works for the North Collier Fire Department.  

Elissa says she understands moving is risky when a spouse has to find a new job, too. But she says, “If you get into a stable company like Arthrex, it really allows the other person to explore what they want to do.”

EP2 Elissa says the move has been great for her kids, too. They love school, enjoy being outside more and go to the beach nearly every weekend. “You have a better attitude when the sun is shining,” she says with a smile.

It was a leap of faith that brought Elissa and her family to Southwest Florida. Her advice for anyone else contemplating the move? “Jump! You will never regret it.”

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