An Intern Perspective: Felicia Cimaglia

Felicia intern luncheonAs part of our mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better, Arthrex provides a limited number of internship, co-op and job shadow opportunities with varying educational requirements for students preparing to enter the workforce. The program is held in high esteem in the professional and medical device industry workforce. Applying for an internship at Arthrex is the first step to enhancing your professional education and marketability. You will work directly with departments, individuals and teams and begin to build your professional network.  

My name is Felicia Cimaglia, and I am currently an intern within the Corporate Communications department at Arthrex. My internship has been incredible beyond words. It is unlike any internship I've (and you will) ever had. You will not be licking envelopes, delivering coffee to coworkers, or handing out flyers… an internship with Arthrex is demanding and difficult, but in a good way. It is challenging, captivating and sophisticated. You will be given responsibilities, tasks and duties that will allow you to contribute to the company's mission. You're also offered exposure to corporate culture, membership in a departmental team, corporate software training and much more, depending on your position.

As an intern within the Corporate Communications team, I primarily work on internal and external communications materials. This could be anything from employee emails, agency communications, composing content, posting on social media and so much more. It’s truly an honor to be given the trust and responsibility to do certain things, and I’m sure many interns feel the same way I do in this regard. Your superiors at Arthrex believe in you and want you to succeed. It feels really good knowing that what you are suggesting and inputting is taken into consideration and is sometimes even implemented. There has not been one person at Arthrex that views me as an “intern,” but as one of their own.

It’s been really interesting to notice that just because you are affiliated with a certain team, does not mean that your experiences are limited to just that team. Throughout your time here, you will be exposed to different fields and departments and have the opportunity to work on projects with other Arthrex employees. Everyone comes together, even on different teams, to reach that one goal of “helping surgeons treat their patients better.” Everyone at Arthrex pushes one another to be the best they can be – personally and professionally, and I can honestly say that working at a company that values one another isn’t always something you come by.

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