Trip of a Lifetime: Tiffany Roarty's Scenic Adventure

Tiffany Roarty“I went on my five-year anniversary trip while I was in my ninth year at Arthrex,” said Graphic Designer II Tiffany Roarty. “I hadn’t gone on a vacation and been away from my three dogs and two cats since 2011. It was a treat to get to travel to Bozeman, MT, where we visited Yellowstone National Park and its historic hotel for the first time as well as Missoula, MT to meet up with family half way from Sandpoint, ID.”

The Years of Service Awards and “Trip of a Lifetime” programs are some of Arthrex’s most distinctive and valued employee recognition programs. For every five years of service, Arthrex employees are eligible for a company-paid trip just like Tiffany’s to the destination of their choice and an extra 40 hours of paid vacation time in which to take the trip. Employees look forward to this generous benefit to create a lifetime of special memories.

Category: Company Culture