Arthrex Manufacturing Employees Recognized for Successful SpeedCinch Launch

SpeedCinch LaunchKnee Product Manager Drew Osika and President and Founder Reinhold Schmieding recently visited Arthrex Manufacturing East (AMIE) in Ave Maria, FL, to personally thank the employees who assemble SpeedCinch, a product that brings all-inside knee meniscal repair to a new level of simplicity and speed for surgeons.

“This product is not easy to assemble and we were pushing hard to get it released prior to the Academy of Arthrex Technology Consultants (AATC) Meeting in October,” said Drew. “It was crucial to the integrity of the product in the eyes of our sales force that we were able to launch it at AATC. Because AMIE employees burned the midnight oil to meet this deadline, Arthrex was able to launch SpeedCinch at AATC, receiving many cheers and applause. I wanted the AMIE employees to understand how appreciative we are of their hard work and how important they are to the success of any product, especially SpeedCinch.” 

SpeedCinch LaunchThere were approximately 150 employees gathered, all having some type of involvement with SpeedCinch, for the presentation and SpeedCinch All-Inside Meniscal Repair animation viewing party in celebration of the launch. As Drew showed a clip from his AATC presentation, employees could hear the excitement that came from the AATC crowd when the innovative product was introduced and feel proud they played an instrumental part in its successful launch.
Reinhold thanked all the employees for their hard work and explained the function of the knee’s meniscus and how important it is to have a device like SpeedCinch for meniscal repair. All involved felt a special connection to how they, too, are an integral part of “Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.”

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