Employee Spotlight: Zach Ingwer Goes from Engineer to Principal for a Day

Zach IngwerArthroplasty Engineer Zach Ingwer had the unique opportunity to be North Naples Middle School's "Principal for a Day" as part of Collier County's annual event in which community members are invited into schools to live a day in the life of a principal. He spent the day visiting classrooms, overseeing cafeteria duties (no food fights on his watch!) and shadowing the school's actual principal, Margaret Jackson.

"Zach made such an impact on our students," shared Principal Jackson. "A few teachers told me that after he visited, the kids were still talking about what he did and they were amazed! He did such a great job talking about his background, how he still uses algebra, geometry, calculus and the scientific method in his job, and why he became an engineer. And I’m telling you, they listened!"

While Zach was making an impact on the students, the students were making an impact on him. "I think the best part about being the principal for the day was how interested the students seemed to be. I had the opportunity to speak to the science classes and you could see some of the kids light up when I told them about what I do. I was fortunate to be able to share with the students and teachers why I love what I do, and it’s fantastic to see kids so engrossed in learning about the design process."

Read more about Zach's experience in the Naples Herald's article, "Arthrex Engineer Takes Over North Naples Middle School for the Day." 

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