Dedicated Employees Recognized for Their Milestone Years of Service

Years of ServiceArthrex hosted its annual Years of Service awards ceremony on Thursday, October 27, 2015, and recognized an impressive total of 191 Inc. and AMI employees with 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of service! The 20-year-veterans included Dan Hall, VP of Shareholder Relations and Taxation; Kathy Johnson, Distributor Finance Analyst (soon to retire); Renee Power, Exhibit and Event Supervisor; and Andy Stewart, VP of Sales, US & Canada. 

They each share about their time at Arthrex over the last two decades: 

"I have many fond memories of Arthrex over the last twenty years. One, in particular, is a vivid memory of watching customer service (Patti Gilmore and her three employees) select product picking (Charlie Cremin), and shipping (Rich Hughes and his crew) departments ALL working together in one small area of the office (three offices ago). For me, this is always a good reminder of Arthrex growth and employee commitment over the many years."
– Andy Stewart

“I am fortunate and proud to be a part of so many employee events which 'Help Make People Better' as well as exhibits which 'Help Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.' After 20 years, I am still in AWE of how we work across departments to make this happen!"
– Renee Power

"I fondly recall the very first office that Kathy Johnson and I shared when we both started working at Arthrex. Only Reinhold, Kathy Sparrow, Kathy Johnson and I had offices. Our desks faced opposite directions and our chairs would bump into each other if we both backed up at the same time.  It was referred to by some employees as the 'Taj Mahal.' This memory helps me keep things in perspective. We have come a long way, and I am fortunate in my position to have actually seen the numbers grow year after year!" 
– Dan Hall

"I don’t remember where or who said this, but I have had both of these quotes on my desk for the last 15 years: 'I am too blessed to be stressed' and 'A day without smiling is a wasted day.' I live by both of these, and I leave Arthrex with mixed feelings...since I have spent more time at Arthrex than anywhere else for the past 20 years, and I am thankful for every day, however, I am also very excited about experiencing my life after Arthrex. This is not goodbye, I leave with joy that I have been allowed the opportunity to see the growth of such a wonderful company, and the privilege to know and work with so many over the years. Don’t worry I’m only a phone call away, and will be watching to see the growth that is to come in the future years. Wishing you all the best." – Kathy Johnson

Congratulations to all who have met major milestones this year! We look forward to celebrating the success of many more employees in the years to come. Thank you all for your dedication to Arthrex and for the contributions you make each and every day to healthcare product innovation that’s Making People Better.  

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