Arthrex’s unique office design fosters team collaboration and innovation

digitalmediaroomAfter a year’s worth of researching, planning and designing, the new state-of-the-art Digital Media workspace has arrived at Arthrex. A room filled with modern office design concepts is now available to a cross-functional team of software developers, designers and creatives. Many of the ideas that companies like Google brought forward have been adopted and incorporated into the space in an attempt to foster team collaboration, human interaction, productivity and innovation.

The new Digital Media area introduces the concept of “nomad workers,” where employees are no longer bound to just one workstation. Most team members are equipped with laptops instead of desktops which gives them the flexibility to change work locations at will. Besides featuring traditional workstations, the space introduces an open conference room, formal conference room, informal seating units, permanent high-tops, private offices that also serve as small meeting rooms, portable enclave units, and even a treadmill workstation. All desks are height-adjustable to allow for posture changes at a moment’s notice.

digitalmediaroom“The new work space is wonderful,” shared Mobile Developer Wyatt Blake. “It allows me the freedom to get up and move around. I can interact with the people in my group while kicking back in the common area. When brainstorming to solve problems, I feel like the treadmill desk helps to get my mind going much more then it would if I was stuck in one place all day. The new work space accommodates everyone's individual work style so that they can perform at their best. Lastly, the ability to move around has allowed me to reach my personal goal of 10,000 steps a day. This was hard to do before, when I spent the whole day sitting. Now, I feel great and have more energy even after the work day is over. It has increased my quality of life.”

The new Digital Media area takes full advantage of various WiFi-enabled solutions that encourage team members to move about the space and enjoy the different work environments that are available. Reliance on wired IT equipment is kept to a minimum. Video conferencing equipment and modern software collaboration tools digitalmediaroom are an integral part of the new space and help facilitate communication and collaboration between members of a geographically-dispersed team. The Digital Media team understands that Arthrex made an investment in them by providing everyone the tools needed to succeed. As a result, team morale has reached new heights.

You don’t have to work for Apple or Yahoo and live in California anymore if you are looking for a fulfilling, long-term career at a state-of-the-art company. It is not a coincidence that Arthrex was named one of the 2015 FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For®” in the country. Great people working together to help surgeons treat their patients better!

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