Arthrex's First Lead Development Program Participants Graduated

Arthrex's first Lead Development Program (LDP) participants graduated on June 3, 2014. The four to six-month program was introduced to Arthrex Manufacturing's Packaging and Boxing Departments to allow personnel an additional opportunity for professional growth and development and to potentially obtain production coordinator and senior boxing specialist positions based on business needs. Currently, the LDP is a requirement for the production coordinator and boxing coordinator positions. 

Harvy Barrios, Yassel Rodriguez, Yuliet Vichot Gonzalez, Sadrac Joseph, Lazaro Pera Carratala, Jorge Vega and Sam Somzit all successfully completed all four of the LDP segments and assessments as well as pre-assessments to enter the program. LDP graduates

The purpose of the Lead Development Program (LDP) is to:

  • Proactively support the need for well-trained and qualified leaders (temporarily or permanently)
  • Provide candidates with the tools that they will need to progress within the company
  • Help employees develop skills that will be useful to the team, even if lead positions are not available immediately

The first segment focuses on the day-to-day issues the participants will face once promoted. Human Resources, Environmental Health & Safety, Lean Manufacturing and GMP/CFR are all covered by Arthrex Manufacturing trainers well versed in each area.  

The second segment focuses on leadership training and is taught entirely by Arthrex's corporate training team. In this segment, the participants are taught some of the basic foundational skills they will need to become leaders within Arthrex. Team Building and Values, Accountability and Giving and Accepting Feedback are just some of the classes which are taught. All the participants also attend the two-day, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course during the second segment.  

Segments three and four are dedicated to on-the-job training. During this time, the participants shadow employees who are already functioning as production coordinators and boxing coordinators. As the participants demonstrate the skills they have acquired, they will be allowed to fully perform the function for which they are training while being closely overseen by the area supervisors.

Arthrex’s Lead Development Program’s second group has just begun taking these courses to help them lead, motivate, encourage, and provide them with a greater understanding of the business and a sense of teamwork to help achieve organizational goals. 

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