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Lapidus Plate

Plantar Lapidus Plate:

The Plantar Lapidus Plate was designed to provide fixation for a Lapidus procedure. The plate is placed plantar on the first tarsometatarsal (TMT) joint and is fixed with two 3.5 mm locking screws at both the distal and proximal end, optimizing construct strength. The precontoured left and right plates allow secure plantar placement and spares the tibialis anterior tendon. The plantar plate provides compression over the entire arthrodesis area and eliminates an additional dorsal Compression Screw. The accompanying Aiming Guide allows for placement of the Compression Screw in a specified direction without interfering with the proximal locking screws. The plantar fixation of the Lapidus Arthrodesis minimizes soft tissue irritation and avoids gapping of the arthrodesis during early weightbearing.

Lapidus Plate:

Designed to provide fixation for a Lapidus procedure, the Lapidus Plate offers the foot and ankle surgeon an anatomically contoured and configured option for procedures in the midfoot. This addition to the low profile plating system allows the surgeon the choice of placing a lag screw across the TMT joint, or placing locking or nonlocking screws in the other plate holes.

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