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Knotless Syndesmosis TightRope® Implant System

The Syndesmosis TightRope implant system provides fixation of syndesmosis disruptions with or without associated ankle fractures. The Syndesmosis TightRope implant system consists of a #5 UHMWPE, which when tensioned and secured between 2 metallic buttons and placed against the tibia and fibula, provides physiologic stabilization of the ankle mortise.

Advantages of the Syndesmosis TightRope implant system:

• Improved reduction when compared to syndesmosis screws1

• Improved maintenance of reduction when compared to syndesmosis screws2

• No need for routine implant removal

• Supports early weightbearing and accelerated rehabilitation1

• Allows for physiologic motion of the syndesmosis following reduction and fixation

• Improved patient outcomes compared to syndesmosis screws3



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