The TightRope® Attachable Button System (ABS) is a 2-piece implant that can be passed through narrow bone tunnels, while allowing increased cortical fixation with the assembly of a large button over the cortical bone. The TightRope ABS may be used for tibial fixation of the GraftLink® technique for all-inside ACL reconstruction technique or for fixation of the graft over small bone tunnels created during transtibial ACL reconstruction.  

The slotted button can be loaded over the TightRope implant and locked into place. The large 12 mm x 7.5 mm footprint maximizes button-to-bone contact against the cortex. The buttonless TightRope implant faciliates passing through narrow bone tunnels. Four-point, knotless locking system provides strong, stiff graft fixation.

The oblong button is another option that provides the same 3.4 mm x 11 mm profile as the TightRope button. An additional option is the 14 mm round button. This button provides a larger footprint to maximize button-to-bone contact.