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RetroButton® BTB

The versatility and simplicity of the RetroButton® is now available for bone tendon grafts such as patellar tendon, quadriceps tendon and Achilles tendon. The sturdy, titanium button has a continuous ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) loop to provide superior strength, stiffness and load distribution. It allows fast, consistent cortical fixation without overdrilling of the guide pin, which reduces surgical steps and preserves bone. RetroButton BTB can be used with the RetroButton Drill Pin II for transtibial and medial portal femoral drilling or with the FlipCutter® for a minimally invasive outside/in technique.The RetroButton passes through a guide pin hole to preserve cortical bone for enhanced cortical bone fixation and eliminates the need for overdrilling with larger diameter cannulated drills.  

The versatile RetroButton BTB is compatible with several approaches to ACL reconstruction. The femoral socket may be prepared through the tibial tunnel, the anteromedial portal or outside/in, using the FlipCutter. The AM portal approach will be described in BTB RetroButton® for Femoral ACL Reconstruction and RetroConstruction™

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