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Metal Interference Screws

Arthrex offers the most comprehensive variety of titanium interference screws for knee ligament reconstruction. The cannulated interference screws are available with a full thread design for maximum cortical fixation, or with a rounded head for protection of the graft on the femoral side. Sheathed cannulated interference screws come packaged with a translucent sheath that facilitates passage of the screw through the portal, protects the graft during screw insertion into the tunnel and allows for simplified removal of the screw if needed. The soft screw is specially designed for use with soft tissue grafts. The smooth, blunt threads and round head of the soft screw protect the graft from laceration on insertion and with range of motion of the knee.  All metal screws and screwdrivers are cannulated to accept a sturdy 2 mm Nitinol Guide Pin to reduce divergence during screw insertion.  Arthrex Guide Pins are marked at 25 and 30 mm to confirm proper depth during wire and screw placement.

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