The Meniscal Cinch device allows surgeons to consistently repair meniscus tears with an all-inside arthroscopic technique, eliminating the need for accessory incisions required for traditional inside/out techniques that often result in additional morbidity.

Depending on the tear pattern and location, the Meniscal Cinch all-inside repair gives surgeons the option of horizontal or vertical mattress repair with 2-0 FiberWire® suture. The preset sliding knot and FiberWire suture properties create a secure, low-profile knot that can be countersunk into the meniscus. Depending on exact location and pattern, posterior horn tears can be repaired through standard ipsilateral or contralateral arthroscopy portals. The Meniscal Cinch device is placed through the contralateral or accessory contralateral portal for tears involving the body of the meniscus.


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