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Femoral Opening Wedge Osteotomy Plates


The ContourLock DFO Plates were designed to be anatomically curved and low profile. The ContourLock DFO Plates are available in right and left orientations in multiple sizes depending on desired amount of correction. The toothless design facilitates greater flexibility through infinite correction potential up to 20 mm without compromising strength.

The titanium Femoral Opening Wedge Osteotomy Plates provide a straight toothed option to aid in maintaining the osteotomy correction. 

These plates are fixated to bone using Arthrex® titanium locking 6.5 mm cancellous and 4.5 mm cortical screws. Each screw can be angled to the proper anatomic orientation within a swiveling bushing before being locked.

Stainless Steel 

The stainless steel Femoral Opening Wedge Osteotomy Plates feature a low profile and are available with a straight tooth to aid in maintaining the osteotomy. These plates are optimal for unique anatomy where customizing fit with multiple bends may be required. The plates are fixated using standard AO stainless steel 6.5 mm cancellous and 4.5 cortical screws.

All of the Femoral Opening Wedge Osteotomy Plates were designed to work in conjunction with the standard Opening Wedge Osteotomy Instruments Sets.

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