The 4.5 mm diameter Bi-Cortical Post has an extremely low profile head to reduce soft tissue irritation. A 2.5 mm Drill for Bi-Cortical Post is used to broach the cortical bone, while the Depth Device is used to obtain accurate sizing information. Although the post has a self-tapping feature, a tap is included for those who prefer the “drill-measure-tap” insertion technique.

The optional low profile, spiked washer may be used in conjunction with the Bi-Cortical Post for fixation of soft tissue tendons directly to bone. The posts and washers are manufactured using titanium ASTM F-136 alloy. The smooth, concave-shaped washer option is used to securely trap attached sutures and bulky suture knots atraumatically under the low profile washer to eliminate potential soft tissue irritation. The spiked washer option facilitates direct soft tissue or ligament fixation to bone.

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