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    • Arthroflex 0 small
      • ArthroFLEX dermal allograft is an acellular dermal extracellular matrix intended for supplemental support and covering for soft-tissue repair. MatrACELL®* technology, a patented and validated process, renders the ArthroFLEX allograft dermis acellular, without compromising biomechanical or biochemical properties. This process allows the …
    • Knee fiberwire on straight needles 0 small
      • #2 FiberWire® on Straight Needles comes in two needle options: a single needle attached to 38” of #2 FiberWire; or two needles, each attached to an end of 38” of #2 FiberWire. These are ideal to create a variety locking stitch patterns for avulsions of large tendons such as quadriceps, patellar, pectoral, or Achilles.