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Arthroscopic procedures have been a daily routine in orthopaedics and emergency surgery for decades. As a rule, it takes surgeons many years to become skilled to carry out complex procedures in a dependable, efficient and reliable way. Acquiring the expertise for arthroscopic surgical procedures requires a smooth interplay of spatial orientation, manual skills and arthroscopic know-how. The hand-eye coordination required to triangulate the camera and instruments from different perspectives within the joint space is a critical and demanding step in the training of all surgeons.

Usually these basics are taught in classes and workshops with the help of models or cadavers. In recent years, sophisticated and costly simulators have also been used for educational purposes in order to prepare future arthroscopic surgeons for their responsibility of treating patients. For financial and logistical reasons, classes on models and cadavers, as well as practical training with virtual simulators usually only allow students to spend a limited amount of time on their individual training.

During their arthroscopy fellowship in Canada in 2012, two young surgeons, Dr. Samy Bouaicha and Dr. Will McCormick, came up with the idea for developing a simple and affordable arthroscopic training tool, called ArthroBox. In doing so, the main objective was not to have a detailed image of anatomical joint space but to create an abstract tool in the form of a box, the size of a knee or shoulder joint, with exchangeable modules (skill plugs). The intention of this box was to provide the opportunity to practice basic arthroscopy skills anytime and anyplace, without limitation. After returning to Switzerland, Dr. Bouaicha continued developing the first prototype of the ArthroBox as well as the skill plugs and found the ideal partner, to finalize and launch this innovative tool, in Arthrex. The mobility of the box, the "plug & play" principle, as well as the affordability, makes the ArthroBox a practical tool for students and surgeons arthroscopic surgical training.

The ArthroBox, just another way Arthrex is “Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better.”

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