The WideBiter™ Punch series facilitates fast and effective resection of meniscal tears while recreating a smooth, anatomically shaped meniscal rim. The flat, crescent-shaped tip has an extremely a low profile to access small joint spaces. WideBiter Punches feature increased bite width while maintaining a low profile. The WideBiter has straight, left, right or up curves, with straight or 15° up tips, to accommodate all portals and anatomical variations. The left and right Rotary WideBiter Punches allow easy access to anterior meniscal tears and create anatomic cuts that increase efficiency during meniscectomies. Made in the U.S.A, at Arthrex® California, Inc.

Less than 1% of all Arthrex Arthroscopic Instruments require sharpening after two years of surgical usage.  Arthrex offers a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship on every Series I and WishBone™ Instrument.

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