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Synergy MSK™ Ultrasound

The Synergy MSK ultrasound scanner's limitless portability stems from its cordless design. Simply launch the Clarius App for Synergy MSK ultrasound to create a secure direct Wi-Fi connection with iOS or Android mobile devices to perform quick diagnostic MSK (musculoskeletal) studies and needle-guided procedures. Future updates such as DICOM, color, power Doppler, advance needle guidance, and the ability to seamlessly transmit images in the OR onto the SynergyUHD4 4K imaging platform will be made available through the app and upgradable in the field.

Synergy MSK ultrasound uses advanced technology to display high-resolution images with a simple, intuitive touchscreen user interface. The application comes with preset MSK examination settings to optimize workflow as well as the ability to make quick adjustments to gain depth to customize images based upon the patient’s anatomy.

Images are wirelessly uploaded from the Synergy MSK ultrasound to a HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud management site for review and/or storage.

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