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Small Joint Instrument Set

The “Arthrex Difference” can be seen and felt in every precision instrument including in the small joint arthroscopy hand instrument set. Featuring a complete line of small yet durable instruments specifically designed for elbow, ankle and wrist arthroscopy, these instruments are available in a variety of low profile styles – straight, rotary and graspers.  The instruments’ shaft length is 65 mm and the shaft diameter is 2.75 mm. Large elliptical rings for finger and thumb give more handling comfort and friction-free Teflon® is used for a smoother tactile feel.

These instruments have state-of-the-art quality, durability, precise tactile feel and an extremely low profile tip. These features facilitate easier access to pathology in tight joint spaces with precision cutting edges and precise resection control. EDM manufacturing technology with stainless steel edges guarantees maximum sharpness and durability that rarely require resharpening or repair. Less than 1% of all Arthrex Arthroscopy Instruments require resharpening after two years of surgical usage, an unprecedented achievement for a fine surgical instrument in orthopaedics. 

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