Arthrex offers a complete arthroscopic tissue and bone resection portfolio, including the CoolCut™ series of blades and burrs, the SynergyRF™ bipolar ablation system with ApolloRF® probes, and the CoolCut monopolar ablation probes, in addition to a full complement of arthroscopic biters and graspers.

Unique, clog-resistant angled shaver tips, curved PowerPick™ microfracturing drills, and ClearCut™ transparent hooded burrs are just some of the 74 unique attachments for the CoolCut line of shavers and burrs.

The SynergyRF bipolar ablation system with the ApolloRF probes and CoolCut monopolar probes provides multiple options for rapid, controlled tissue ablation or coagulation while maintaining relatively low fluid temperatures in the joint. Arthrex also offers the most comprehensive options for manual resection instruments in the industry, with more than 100 tip configurations, curves, and diameters, in either WishBone™ or Series I ring handle styles.

The Arthrex DrillSaw Mini 300™ and DrillSaw Max 600™ power systems feature a modular design and are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The single-handpiece design provides cost efficiency in a system that features a reliable proprietary brushless motor, a PEEK housing, and washer/decontaminator compatibility for ease of cleaning. From small to large bone applications, the 300 and 600 power systems can handle any situation.

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