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Fracture and Fusion Devices

Arthrex’s contribution to fracture management innovation starts with our unique mission of helping trauma surgeons treat their patients better. As a privately held corporation, we are dedicated to patient clinical outcomes. When trauma surgeons ask for our assistance in solving posttraumatic surgical problems, Arthrex responds with cutting edge technology, creative innovation, and a sense of urgency as trustworthy partners in evidence-based treatment solutions that make a difference. Unparalleled biomechanical and clinical research, medical education, and engineering innovation that has led to an evolution in arthroscopic and less invasive treatment of injured or diseased joints, is now applied to extremity fracture management.  

Arthrex is deeply committed to the advancement of treatments that are simpler, safer and reproducible with less morbidity and fewer complications – offering a faster return to daily living and active lifestyles of posttraumatic patients. With over 1,000 products for extremity trauma and fracture management, Arthrex is becoming the new gold standard and will continue to lead future innovation, creating positive change in the treatment of traumatic injuries and extremity fractures for surgeons and their patients.

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