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Bio-Compression Screws

Bio-Compression Screws are versatile and may be used to treat a broad range of indications in both lower and upper extremities.  They are an excellent solution for a variety of complications such as hardware prominence, postoperative imaging, and arthrodesis of small bones in the wrist or fingers. For upper extremity surgery, the Bio-Compression Screw may be inserted either percutaneously or in an open procedure. Accurate placement of the screw can be ensured by using the cannulated instrumentation in the set.  

Designed with a stepped pitch and taper, this screw draws two fragments together using straightforward instrumentation for drilling and tapping. Made of solid enhanced PLLA material, the BCS absorbs over time without losing strength during insertion or through the critical phases of healing. With Bio-Compression Screw technology, surgeons are able to achieve zero-head-prominence above the cortex and zero image on x-ray, creating a very natural repair for their patients.  

Offered in two families, 3 mm and 3.5 mm, the 3 mm screws range in two millimeter lengths from 16–26 mm. The 3.5 mm screws are fully cannulated and come in two millimeter lengths from 16–32 mm with a variable proximal diameter.

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