Cortical button fixation is a simple, reproducible, and biomechanically strong method that allows surgeons to reliably seat the tendon against the cortex of the bone socket, maximizing the surface area for tendon-to-bone healing.1 For tendon or ligament transfers, the Tenodesis Graft Sizing Kit can be used to determine which implant system to open. Using Arthrex's Tension Slide Technique, surgeons can tension the tendon into the tunnel and then add a BioComposite Tenodesis screw for aperture fixation to complete the construct. Cortical button fixation can be used for FDL tendon transfers, FHL tendon transfers, anterior tibialis tendon transfers, and posterior tibialis tendon transfers.



1. Arthrex, Inc. Data on file (APT-04032). Naples, FL; 2019.

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