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JumpStart™ Microcurrent Technology - Advanced Healing in Lower Extremity Procedures

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    • Ref. #: VPT1-00604-EN
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    • Duración: 00:02:30
    • Fecha de publicación: 3/29/16
    • Fecha de revisión: 4/18/17
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    • Presentadores: Christopher Adams, MD, Norman E. Waldrop III, MD
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Norman E. Waldrop III, MD, (Birmingham, AL) joins Chris Adams, MD, (Naples, FL) to discuss the experience and improved outcomes of using JumpStart® antimicrobial wound dressing, a technologically advanced antimicrobial surgical dressing that uses microcurrents to kill pathogens and advance healing of the surgical site.

Video Note: Chris Adams, MD, is now Arthrex® VP, Global Medical Education.